89 Acres Belle Vue Estate, Upper Ariapita Road, St Anns.

Saint Ann’s, Trinidad and Tobago

Listing ID: 002021261054

This Prime Investment property located in the lush green mountains of St. Anns, boasts of breathtaking views of the City of Port of Spain. A lovely, quiet escape into nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Misty mornings and gorgeous sunsets protrude through the

Pines at the Knullebu Cabin. Making this property a popular location amongst Photographers, Locals and Nature Lover's alike, as the perfect backdrop for Photo shoots, Weddings or just a weekend away from it all.

The entire 89 acres consists of a few homes, Knullebu "Cabin at the Pines", a Tank Farm, Goodwin Heights Stables, Reflector Ridge, Lime Field and a few other large pieces of land space.

Suitable for any investor seeking to transform this property into a landscape where modern architecture can be blended into nature, or even to simply preserve the natural beauty and history of Belle Vue Estate that would last a lifetime for everyone to enjoy. In a truly scenic wonderland, the possibilities are endless.

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$ 13,000,000.00
Lot size:
360,170.00 Sq. Mt.
3,876,833.86 Sq Ft.
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