When we show your home

When we show your home

Everything is going to be just fine. Remember that you have prepared your house to sell and that you have entrusted it to the best real estate Agent. Although there are not many buyers today, it is important to appear calm and collected. Here’s some things to keep in mind…


Relax - There is nothing else to do, so read a magazine while you wait. Try to be understanding as the agent may have had to show the buyer several properties before arriving at your home, so he or she may be a little late or early. It is very difficult to be precise in the time of arrival.


Your pets - Please put your pets away. People who like animals are going to be distracted by your cute pet, but it can be a real nuisance for those who don't like animals.


Children - They can be seen, but not heard. This is a new experience for children; they are naturally upset with the whole situation. But you should not allow them to distort the professional flow of the visit. Ask them to stay away from the Agent and the buyer. Have them play outside or watch TV.


Reception - Open the door just as you would any guest you are waiting for. The Agent will handle the presentations. If there is any situation that needs to be mentioned, perhaps a sick child in a room, please share it at this time. You can ask the broker to start showing the house and you excuse yourself.


Discretion - Discreetly stay away from the buyer. Although you want to help, your mere presence can intimidate buyers. They need space to freely discuss any aspect of the house between themselves and the agent. The agent must observe how the buyer responds to the house. Your presence may limit that free communication in some way.


What should you do? Read a magazine, watch a TV show, take a walk outside, continue whatever task you are doing. If there is a room you should try not to be in, it is the kitchen, since buyers usually spend more time there, checking the furniture and the available space.


Conversing with the buyer - If buyers ask you something about the neighborhood, schools, churches, etc., of course you should answer them kindly. However, avoid establishing a conversation with them. Questions regarding the terms of the sale should be directed to the Agent. If the broker who is showing the home is not the one who hired it and you don't know the answer, tell the buyers that the responsible Agent will contact them.


What is included? The information sheet should clearly include what is included and what is not included as part of the price of the house. Don't start conversations about other personal things that you would be interested in negotiating further. It rarely helps close the deal; rather, this distracts buyers from the main idea of ??buying the property. Later there will be time to negotiate anything additional when the offers are being worked out.


Let the professional do their job - Even though we know you know your home better than we do, let your Agent do their job. He or she has been working with the buyer and knows what they are looking for. Anything that the Agent mentions or fails to mention, they will do so in the best interest of the sale of your property. For example, if they don't mention that the refrigerator is new, maybe they will later, at the close of the sale.