A very special person receives a brand-new house!

A very special person receives a brand-new house!

In late 2021, we asked the underprivileged community of Barra Salada in El Salvador, who was the person who needed the most help and the response from neighbors was unanimous: Don Julio!

That’s how we first met this very special person, who has devoted his life to his family and work. In him, we found a person that was never late to work and does not have any bad habits. He is known for his kindness and always being willing to lend a helping hand to people that need it.

Unfortunate events, throughout his life, forced him to live in a hut made of sticks and dirt, which floods every rainy season.

When we heard the story of Don Julio, in typical RE/MAX fashion, we decided to help in any way we could. RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America partnered with Corazones Solidarios, a non-profit organization that we have worked with in the past. And together, we were able to build Don Julio a new house in record time.

Things like this make our work worth it! We consider giving back to the community an obligation, not an option. We are grateful to our Brokers, Agents, buyers, and sellers for allowing us to do things like this.

Giving back to the community is crucial to many of our members in the Caribbean and Central America. RE/MAX members take pride in helping their local communities around the globe.