Finca Cojobas, Sabana Hoyos Arecibo.

Sabana Hoyos, Puerto Rico

Listing ID: 00181679002

Finca Cojobas is an ideal farm for Medicinal Cannabis grow project- it is far from the maddening crowd added to all the above assets described, A 53.04-acre industrial farm located in Barrio Arrozal in Sabana Hoyos, Puerto Rico- agricultural buildings, plantations, and two residential properties.The farm has a Diesel electricity generating plant Perkins brand and Caterpillar motor with a 60 KVA potency and a 230-voltage output with an Automatic Start Control System.
Includes 7 acres of ornamental plants and palm trees.
The residences: 1- 2 story primary home: 4 bedrooms/ 2 baths.
Three terraces, living room, dining room, kitchen and a 4-car garage.
A 1 story home: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen and a 2-car garage.?

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$ 2,500,000.00
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