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Hopkins, Belize

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What Will Your Future Life Look Like? In these uncertain times, with the value of the dollar continually decreasing, when new currencies are introduced that are still so unknown, untested and not widely accepted, what better investment can you make, what better use for your dollar, can you do, than to purchase real estate? And building lots are a good way to get started. Well, here’s your opportunity to become the first owner of one or more of these building lots just a short distance from the village of Hopkins in Belize. Sized at either .48 or .54 of an acre makes these larger than average building lots. Use your resources to purchase one of these lots. The property ownership rules in Belize are very friendly for foreigners to be able to own here. The process is simple and the results are final and legal. These building lots are only a couple of miles from Hopkins Village down the Hopkins Road towards the Southern Highway. Water is supplied by an already existing well and electric is available at the road. Or you could invest in solar or maybe even wind generated power if you want to truly be off-grid. Build your small house or your big house, a simple home or an elaborate home, the choice is yours. Raise a few chickens, grow your own vegetables, or support the local community by buying what you need from the nearby vendors. These properties are fee simple title, and no HOA fees. The land is high and dry. It’s also good soil so if you are into gardening, look no further. And at $40,000 USD for each lot plus closing costs you can own your own slice of the Belizean pie. When you are ready to have a conversation about how to make this happen please reach out. It all starts with a chat.

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$ 40,000.00
Lot size:
20,909.00 Sq. Ft.
1,942.51 Sq Mt.
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