Crest Plaza, corner of Havelock street and Southern Main Road, Curepe.

Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago

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Located in the heart of the busy transportation hub of Curepe, Crest plaza provides, strategic and ideal spaces for burgeoning businesses.
There are 8 spaces ( approx.
3,470 sq ft.) available for rent.
Two units located on the northern side of the building close to the maxistand : 80 sq.
of office space, including shelving, furniture, ac, elcectriciy @ $2,000.00 TT and 240 sq ft.
open space @ $3,000 TT.
First floor main building Units: 360 sqft (front unit): $4,500.00 TT 480 sqft (front unit): $5,000.00 TT 492 sqft(middle unit): $4,500.00 TT 720 sqft: $8,000.00 includes two bathrooms and 3 separate rooms/utilities 196 sqft: $3,000.00 TT, includes AC/Unit and electricity 900 sqft: $10,000.00 TT, bar setup, chillers, includes toilets Great spot for spa, nail tech., barber or salon, bar or office.
All prices are negotiable

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TTD 10,000.00
Lot size:
0.00 Sq Mt.
0.00 Sq Ft.
Half bathrooms
Garage capacity

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  • Air conditioning (A/C)
  • Garage open
Shared parking
specified units come with AC, however units without have the facility to install
Some units have their own bathrooms but there is also a communal bathroom available to all units