Chatham Estate, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Approximately seventy plus acres beach front lot in gorgeous Chatham Bay, on serene Union Island.
This is an ideal property for an exclusive, private residential resort complex.
Also available is a 3 acre beach parcel on the same bay.
This is a unique, strong investment opportunity.
Union Island is one of the Grenadine islands.
It is surrounded by incredible aquatic life, colorful coral and perfect white-sand beaches which make the Caribbean an appealing vacation hub, offer residents the feeling of endless vacation.
A sailor’s paradise more than a few vacationers who have had the opportunity to visit the Grenadines find the area so enticing they move there permanently.
One of the most enticing features of SVG is having entered the country no passport is needed to travel from one island to the next.
Regular ferries are available or one can take the regional airlines to travel between islands.

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