4 Essential Tips for Hurricane Prep.

4 Essential Tips for Hurricane Prep

4 Essential Tips for Hurricane Prep

By Lexi Rhein

It’s no secret that an impending hurricane is a daunting piece of news. But when you prepare properly, you can rest easier knowing you’ve taken the necessary precautions to weather the storm. Take it from someone who has been through a hurricane, these are four essential tips I wish I would have known before Hurricane Irma hit us in Florida in 2017. If you’re not in mandatory evacuation locations, use these four tips to get hurricane ready!

  1. Gas up your car

If the hurricane becomes stronger before it touches down, have a full tank of gas in your vehicle. Being stuck is no fun and can add to an already stressful time and. I suggest going to the gas station as soon as the weatherman says the words, “A hurricane is approaching.” Gas is a fundamental resource to have for a vehicle, but it can also be useful after the hurricane hits to fuel any non-electric tools you may need. Stock up and take a few extra cans too!

  1. Reinforce your toolkit

Take the time to check on the resources in your toolkit and make sure they are up to date. First and foremost, a functioning flashlight with extra batteries MUST be in your kit. A flashlight will be the saving grace if the power goes out. Next up on the list: a working whistle. A whistle is a loud and effective way to communicate if power goes out or you need extra help. Did I mention extra batteries yet? Also make sure your wrench and pliers are functional if you need to turn off any utilities. Give your whole toolkit a detailed inspection to be completely prepared.

  1. H2O and food

This one is a biggie. Water is not only paramount for drinking, but for those of us who have lost power and gone through a hurricane, we know extra water is a luxury! Experts recommend having one gallon of water per person for a minimum of three days. But if you want to use the restroom and maybe rinse your body, grab more! Food is another key part of preparedness. You want to make sure you have at least three days of non-perishable food to get you through the potential loss of power.

  1. The item normally you don’t see on prep lists

It may sound silly, but if you are going to be without power either waiting for the storm to hit or after, you might be bored – or maybe you just need to take your mind off things! Load up on some games that require no power and can be played inside. Whether it’s playing cards, board games, or charades with a flashlight, you’re going to want to have something to pass the time.

Lexi Rhein is the PR and Social Media Coordinator for RE/MAX LLC and made it safely through one of Florida’s most aggressive hurricanes in 2017.

Source: https://www.remax.com/blog/4-essential-tips-for-hurricane-prep/