Build your dream home on this huge private lot!.

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Huge private lot on the northwest part of the island with beautiful spectacular views!  Feel the breeze and enjoy the a cozy country home built at your own pace and budget!  Lot is 1,723.97 mts2, 8 min to Crash Boat Beach, 12 min to the Aguadilla Airport and Ramey Base.  Restaurants, shopping centers, surfer beaches and lots of places to visit and many things to do on this side of the Island. Perfect timing for investment.  Economy and tourism are growing! Great opportunity to retire and live in quite area.  Coordinates: 18 28 01.0 N 67 08 33.0 W.  Call today Jose Davila for more details on this exclusive parcel. Tel. 787-322-9464 

Enorme solar para construir la casita de campo que tanto anhelas!  Disfruta la brisa fresca y la vista panoramica y espectacular que este terreno ofrece en las montañas.  Cerca de Playas, del Aeropuerto de Aguadilla y la Base Ramey.  Mucho turismo interno y lugares bellos para visitar.  La economia está creciendo y es el momento de invertir.  Visita la Isla... es preciosa!  Cabida de 1,723.97 mts2. Coordenadas: 18 28 01.0 N 67 08 33.0 W.  Llama hoy a Jose Davila para mas informacion.  Se escuchan ofertas!  Tel. 787-322-9464.

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